Devices That Suit ANY Lifestyle

Whether they prefer a laptop for maximum screen size, a mini-tablet for the ultimate portability, or something in between, we’ve got a device to help your clients communicate again.

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A Closer Comparison of Lingraphica Devices

All three Lingraphica communication devices use an icon-based language system that includes more than 4,400 adult-appropriate graphic icons and animations that represent 9,000-plus words — empowering your clients to find their voices by quickly building phrases to help reconnect with family, friends, and community.


A Size for Every Need

Portable and convenient communication devices that range from an 8-inch tablet to a full-sized 13-inch laptop.

Lightweight Design

Starting at less than one pound, all Lingraphica devices are lightweight and easy to carry.

Access Methods

Interact with the devices using multiple input methods, including touchscreen or stylus. Additional access methods available for the AllTalk include joystick and integrated trackpad.

Multi-Language Support

Available in English or Spanish.

Customized Communication

Easily express thoughts and feelings by creating custom icons and phrases on the device.

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Click here to download a side-by-side comparison of the three devices.

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TalkPath News: Available on Every Device!

One of our most popular apps, TalkPath News, comes already installed on each of our communication devices! TalkPath News is our specialized online news source. The stories are read aloud by the device and highlighted to help people with speech disorders follow along. Even better, your client can access TalkPath News on their personal computer or phone! Create a FREE account to access TalkPath News online today.


Read about others who have found hope after a stroke

Read about how a communication device from Lingraphica has changed the lives of four device owners in our free eBook “Finding Hope After a Stroke: 4 Success Stories From Communication Device Users.” Our eBook details how a Lingraphica communication device opened the door for independent communication for several stroke survivors. You’ll also hear from a caregiver and a speech therapist!

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