Insurance Options

We’re here to help you navigate the reimbursement process

How We Work With You

Our reimbursement specialists work closely with you and your client about the latest reimbursement and insurance requirements for a Lingraphica AAC device. With a dedicated Client Advocate and Clinical Consultant assigned to each device trial, you can rest assured you will have a partner throughout your Lingraphica experience.

Face-to-Face Requirements

Face-to-face is a policy implemented by Medicare to ensure a patient is receiving medical equipment that is appropriate for his or her specific medical condition. Many private insurance companies have similar processes and policies. As such, a patient must see his or her physician specifically about his or her condition, and the visit and treatment protocol must be noted within the medical record. Only then will the medical equipment be covered by insurers. The physician’s visit must be on file within six months of the communication device prescription date.

To help you navigate this process, Lingraphica’s client advocate team works with your client’s insurance company to find out exactly what is needed to provide coverage for a device.

During your device trial process our team will determine if your client meets the face-to-face requirements or if he or she needs to return to their physician.

Demonstration of Medical Necessity

Insurance companies and Medicare require a clinician to demonstrate their client’s medical need for a Lingraphica device. In order to demonstrate this need, clients must meet the following two requirements:

  • A speech-language pathologist (SLP) must evaluate the client and recommend a communication device.
  • A physician must provide medical notes detailing the treatment and evaluation of your client’s specific medical condition that supports the need for a communication device. Your client’s physician will be asked to write a prescription for the device.

Our benefits check process verifies your client’s insurance coverage and ensures the proper forms are completed and successfully submitted to his or her insurance company.

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