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Course Description

This course provided the scientific background of Lingraphica Speech Generating Devices, the clinical methodologies behind the design of our therapy platform, and a demonstration on identifying the appropriate tools for functional communication and therapy for clients.

Meet the Presenter

Lindsey Clark, MS, CCC-SLP

Lindsey Clark has experience treating adults with communication and swallowing impairments in acute care, acute rehab, and outpatient settings. Lindsey has also worked extensively with the pediatric population in the public-school system.

Course Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

            • Identify the scientific background of Lingraphica Speech-Generating Devices, online therapy, and apps;
            • Name the unique, research-based design elements of icons and icon behaviors to meet the needs of the neurologically impaired;
            • Perform the basic operations as well as advanced techniques of a Lingraphica Speech-Generating Device that are used in working clinically with persons with aphasia and other communication disorders;
            • Name and describe free apps and online therapy program available to help target articulation of speech, language, cognition, and serve basic AAC needs for clients;
            • Create icons and icon pages that facilitate purposeful, salient communication exchanges via AAC devices;
            • Describe the ways that Lingraphica offers support to the Clinician, person in need of AAC, and family members through specialized processes and programs.

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